Paying Your Way: Financing Your College Education

Going to college represents a huge financial commitment for many. The good news is that, on average, HBCUs cost much less than other institutions. Still, a college education is expensive, and most students must explore loans, scholarships, and grants to defray the costs of tuition.

Your high school guidance counselor can provide you with information on applying for financial assistance and also tell you about scholarship opportunities for residents of your city, county, or state. You may also qualify for a scholarship based on your academic performance or athletic ability.

The Internet offers endless resources to assist you in your search for financial assistance. You can visit for a free application for federal student aid. A searchable database of more than 2,300 sources of funding is available online at

Many scholarships and grants are specifically targeted to minority youth. The following list provides just a few of the resources available to help you begin your research.